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Our music draws you onto the floor gut-first. We don't play mild-mannered "dance music" that's been simplified for beginning dancers, edited or arranged to remove all the interesting contrasts and subtleties. We don't play "strict" music that's constrained to fit someone's narrow definition of a particular dance. Instead we play the real thing, the really good stuff, music with heart & soul, music that makes you wanna just dance without worrying about fancy steps or how you look. What a relief it is to stop worrying about how you look!

So our music is often ambivalent: hey, we could dance cha-cha to this, or WCS, or one-step, or even hustle - let's mix it up! We encourage dancers to mix styles and genres, for partners to work and play together to create something that perfectly fits the song that's playing, making it up as you go, swapping the lead. Just don't block the traveling lane, eh?

Monday night class, ongoing: Partnering & musicality

...aka How to be a great dance partner

1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons

Twice a month we offer a 2-hour Musicality Lab. Alternating teaching sessions with open dancing sessions, we really dive into musicality: dancing with your partner inside the music, not just executing moves with the music as a backdrop. Musicality makes dancing delicious; nothing else does. Our experience teaching Musicality Lab over the past few years has given birth to our new Monday night Partnering and Musicality classes.

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