Waltz etcetera: mostly waltz & blues, spiced with swing, nightclub, Latin & tango

Every Monday: 7 pm class, 8 pm dance

September and October: Jodi & Zachariah teach Cross-step Waltz

Cross-step waltz is a graceful floating, swooping style of waltz best suited to moderately slow waltzes (104-120 bpm). It's very popular at Waltz etcetera so my Monday playlists include a good number of cross-steps. Cross-step waltz was popular in the early Twentieth Century, then died out until dance historian and Stanford professor Richard Powers resurrected it. Since then he has taught it all over the world.

Practical details:

A weekly dance since the beginning of 1999, Waltz etcetera is a beloved Seattle tradition. It's a welcoming, noncompetitive mixed social partner dance. The music is mostly waltz and blues, spiced with a little swing, nightclub, Latin and tango. Dress is casual. Come with or without a partner.

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