Every Monday: 7 pm class, 8 pm dance

Current class: Blues Foxtrot. We use 8-count turning foxtrot as our starting point: Viennese waltz turns done with SQQ or QQS footwork, a wonderfully satisfying dance all on its own. Then we add elements from tango, swing, & blues to create a traveling dance just right for juicy contemporary blues & fusion music. $10 for the class.

After the first hour I shut up and DJ: a feast of delicious music, not your average stuff. Music for waltz, nightclub 2‑step, blues & fusion, swing of all kinds, Latin & alt tango. $10 for the dance.

We dance in the sweet upstairs ballroom at Seattle's Salmon Bay Eagles, 5216 20th Ave NW (MJ89+Q6 Seattle). Casual dress, friendly inclusive vibe. Come with or without a partner.

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