Waltz etcetera: every Monday in Ballard

7 pm: Drop-in class/dance. The first hour's a class, but you can also come just to dance that hour; lots of music in my classes. Feel free to check out the class, no obligation. If you'd like to support the class, suggested donation is $10.

Connection & musicality is the ongoing class topic. I use the open box as a starting point; any dancer can learn the basic in a few minutes and play with the variations for a lifetime. It's not another dance to learn, it's a tool for learning how to move on the dance floor musically, with your partner. Take it apart and use the parts in a different ways, in all your dancing.

I don't teach fancy moves, I teach staying connected with your partner and surrendering to the music, letting the music move both of you, not separately but together. Students change not just partners but also roles frequently in class. It's important to learn about partner dancing from both sides of the embrace, whether you switch roles socially or not.

After the first hour I shut up and just DJ: a feast of delicious music, not your average stuff. Music for waltz, swing of all kinds, nightclub 2‑step, blues & fusion, Latin & alt tango. $10 for the dance.

We dance in the sweet upstairs ballroom at Salmon Bay Eagles, 5216 20th Ave NW (MJ89+Q6 Seattle). Casual dress, friendly inclusive vibe. Come with or without a partner.

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