Two weekly dances in Ballard!

Mondays & Thursdays: mixed dances for versatile partner dancers. Dancing starts at 7 every Monday & Thursday evening in the quirky upstairs ballroom at Salmon Bay Eagles. It's a warm, intimate room with a gorgeous old maple dance floor in excellent condition, my favorite dance hall in Seattle (and I've danced around some).

2 nights, 2 moods: traveling & alternative
Mission statement: Connecting

I have one goal: to provide opportunities for dancers to connect with each other deeply and build depth. Connecting is one of life's great treasures, perhaps the greatest, and any two people can connect if both of them want to. The more two people want to connect, the more they work on that connection, the deeper it gets.

Partner dancers connect briefly with many different partners, and dancers seeking depth focus on those relatively few partners where connecting is natural & easy, inviting greater depth. People we connect deeply with become our dance friends. As we find dance friends and cultivate deeper connections with them, dancing becomes more & more a playground for deep play: exploring and deepening the connections we've made with our friends.

My dances exist to support and promote rich, deep connection. It takes skill to forge deeper dance connections, and dancers interested in depth never stop working to build skill; read about dancing that fosters connection.

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