We're moving and growing in 2018

In 2018 our Monday and Thursday dances will be in the upstairs ballroom at Salmon Bay Eagles (SBE), 5216 20th Ave NW in Ballard (map link). It's a warm, intimate room with a gorgeous old maple dance floor, my favorite place to dance in all of Seattle, and I've danced around some. The first SBE dance will be New Years Day: Monday Jan 1, 7 pm.

Two dances a week will easily accommodate everyone in our new intimate space. The 4th Saturday dances at the Lake City Community Center (LCCC, our Monday venue the past 9 years) are an experiment. We'll need a really good turnout to cover the new rent, so if you like dancing there, come make those dances a success.

A friendly dance with good dancers!

Most dances, at least here in Seattle, seem to fall into one of two categories:

Waltz etcetera is the best of both: a friendly, noncompetitive dance with experienced dancers. They're drawn by the fabulous music, friendly vibe, and consistency: weekly or better since 1999. It's a no-frills dance: no fancy decor, no theme nights, no theatrics, demos, dress code, group dances or other distractions. Just the basics:

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