Labor Day yes! Come dance!

Welcome to Waltz etcetera!

Open role dancing

Waltz etcetera has always been affirmative of open role dancing, although we didn't have that term for it when we started this dance in 1999. Leading and following are skills anyone can learn, not genetic pigeonholes people are stuck in. We encourage everyone to learn both roles, to swap roles freely in the partnership, and to work toward actually blending the roles into an instantaneous give and take where no one's sure who's leading and who's following, which we call Creative collaboration. It's the best kind of partner dancing there is, just blissful.

Pre-dance classes (all classes are drop-in)

Starting September 12, we're teaching Beginning and Intermediate Viennese Waltz, the original waltz. For more details on our classes week to week, sign up for our email list, below. Monday classes are just $5!

Class schedule:

Monday night classes happen right before the dance, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, with beginning and intermediate classes running simultaneously. Also, on 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons: a 2½ hour workshop in Stripped-down Tango. You want this; it's the most amazing dance, and very easy to learn. Any tango you already know or learn in the future will fit right in.

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