Lake City Community Center: Our Monday night dance hall

Monday nights we're at the Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Ave NE in Seattle (see map below). The room we dance in is huge (2,800 sq ft) and has a very nice hardwood dance floor, plus there's a second very large room (2,300 sq ft) that connects with the first through a huge open archway; some dancing spills into there. Dancers also use the second room for changing their shoes, socializing, and resting. The second room has the same great hardwood floor, and some dancers use the area in back of the social zone for practicing new moves, coaching etcetera in a quieter setting. The building has huge built-in fans that keep it cool. There's plenty of free parking nearby.

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Salmon Bay Eagles: Our home in Ballard

Our home in Ballard is the very sweet upstairs ballroom at Salmon Bay Eagles (SBE), located in old-town Ballard at 5216 20th Ave NW (see map below). It's an original old-Seattle ballroom, with quirky fraternal organization charm, high ceilings, lots of air and light, lots of room to dance, and a great hardwood floor - one of the best dance floors in town. There's a full bar downstairs with very reasonable prices, and you can bring your drinks upstairs; please tip the bartender! Jump down for parking info.

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If you can't find street parking, there's a pay lot next door:

Parking lot next door to Salmon Bay Eagles

You can also park in the Swedish Hospital parking garage, right across the street from the Eagles' back door. Here's photo to give you the general idea; you're looking northwest on Russell Ave. Salmon Bay Eagles is the light-colored buliding far left, with a dark green back door; the Swedish parking garage is on the right. Parking is about a dollar an hour.

Salmon Bay Eagles parking

You enter & exit the garage on the next street over, Tallman Ave. Read the signs; be sure you don't park in areas reserved for docs & other staff. When you exit the garage, turn left and walk between the garage and the apartment building until you see SBE across the street. Say hi to the bartender as you pass through; the Eagles are a friendly bunch. Say you're there for the dance upstairs if they ask for your membership card.

Email list

I send out an email, roughly once a week, with info on our classes & dances. It's anonymous; the only information we collect is your email address. We will not share that with anyone else. Sign up below to be on our list.

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