The Lake City Community Center (LCCC)

As Waltz etcetera has grown, so has the venue: a downstairs room in the upper Phinney Neighborhood Center for our first month, January 1999; the Civetta dance space thence until mid-2001; the Richmond Masonic Center until the end of 2007; and the LCCC since January 2008. Note that Musicality Lab happens in Ballard, at Salmon Bay Eagles.

We dance in one big room and spill into another. Our LCCC dance hall comprises 2,800 ft2 all for dancing: no tables or chairs save the DJ booth. A room-size archway gives onto a second large room (2,300 ft2), and dancing spills through. Dancers set up chairs in the middle part the second room to change shoes, catch their breath, socialize. The rooms have hardwood floors throughout and huge built-in wall fans for ventilation. There's plenty of free parking nearby, and several buslines.

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